The Darkest Corner of the Heart | Podium Audio

The Brightest Light

The Darkest Corner of the Heart

Book 2

By: Lisina Coney

Released: February 20, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 13 hr, 35 min

Forbidden. That’s what they are to each other.
Maddie Stevens has never felt good enough. Not good enough to keep her parents’ love. Not good enough to be independent and stop being her brother’s problem. Not good enough to build the future she wants.
When she injures her ankle before a ballet audition that could change her career forever, she’s convinced her life is over at twenty-one. What’s the point of having dreams when they can go down the drain at any moment?
Because the universe has a cruel sense of humor, her physical therapist turns out to be a tank-shaped grouch who doesn’t even seem to like her that much. It’s totally unfair that, for six weeks, she’s forced to look at that handsome beard and listen to that deep voice that makes her head all dizzy. Top that with the fact that he’s ten years her senior, and falling for James Simmons is a recipe for disaster.
When their forced proximity makes the lines start to blur, the forbidden temptation becomes impossible to resist.



Lisina Coney

Lisina Coney is a New Adult contemporary romance author with a weakness for heartfelt love connections and happy endings. She believes in creating complex and relatable characters that will make her readers feel less alone in their journeys.