The Demon City | Podium Audio

Atlantis Rising Trilogy

The Demon City

Book 2

By: Evan Currie

Performed by: Cassandra Campbell

Released: March 20, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 44 min

Born in flame and flood, the newly born community of Atlantis has begun to rebuild from being forced from their homes by the Demonic hordes.
For Elanthielle however, the war is still out there. Plagued by dreams that may mean more than they seem – as well as her own burning urge to strike back at the demons that took everything from her – Elan becomes convinced that something vital is about to happen to alter the course of humanity’s fate; something far deadlier than anything Earth has faced thus far.
As the demons prepare their endgame, and Elan sets herself against a demon horde of immeasurable strength, higher powers are watching…and with all else now lost, the watchers make a play of their own.
From the Devil’s Triangle to the Demon Sea, the war for Earth has just begun.



Evan Currie



Cassandra Campbell