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The Disturbance

The Disturbance

Book 1

By: Brandon Q. Morris

Performed by: Greg Tremblay

Released: May 02, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 58 min

Some secrets are meant to be kept.
No one has ever ventured deeper into space than the four astronauts of Shepherd-1. The aim of their mission is to witness the creation of the cosmos. Using the sun as a lens, they are to align a flock of probes in such a way that the moment of the Big Bang becomes visible.
For astronomer Christine, this is a dream come true. So she is bitterly disappointed when the first images are obscured by a kind of veil that prevents any insight. She works obsessively to find a solution, but when she finally succeeds in lifting the veil, she sees something that would have been better kept hidden…



Brandon Q. Morris

Brandon Q. Morris is a physicist and space specialist. He has long been concerned with space issues, both professionally and privately and while he wanted to become an astronaut, he had to stay on Earth for a variety of reasons. He is particularly fascinated by the “what if” and through his books he aims to share compelling hard science fiction stories that could actually happen, and someday may happen.



Greg Tremblay

"New England native Greg Tremblay didn't know that his college years majoring in Theater and Computer Science would prepare him for the digital world of audiobook narrating, but serendipity strikes again! Multiple award-winning narrator of some 400 audiobooks in diverse genres, Greg splits his time between Portland (Maine) and Boston, telling stories wherever he goes."