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The Dragon Prince’s Bride

The Dragon Prince’s Bride: Volume 2

Book 2

By: CJ Young

Released: March 16, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 26 hr, 46 min

Four years have passed since Kaal led the Sky Dwellers to wage war against the land below.
His forces have devastated one place after another, sparing no effort as they seek to conquer the world. Captured by his own brother during the first siege, Keil finds himself helpless to protect those whom he was forced to leave behind. It seems all he has left is the comfort of his dear wife, Sylvia, and the days spent with his children as they live in quiet confinement. But as things start to change around his castle home, Keil suspects that his brother’s vicious queen still has a few more tricks up her sleeve. With no friends and no way out, will he be able to stop her evil schemes before it is too late?
Meanwhile, Chase finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Ever since the Red Clan’s invasion, his village has been on the run from capture and death. But what will happen when there is nowhere left to hide? As he comes across a new and beautiful face, a certain blacksmith from his past, and a crazy huntress he would rather not mention, Chase will have to find a way to escape the soldiers breathing down his neck on his quest to rescue the friends who were taken prisoner so long ago. The only problem is, how much longer will his luck last?



CJ Young

Writer of young adult romance/fantasy stories. I love creating something from nothing and getting lost in my own imagination. My books give readers a glimpse into that world. I also enjoy napping in the sun and writing late at night. Lovingly dubbed Author-San by her fans! (°//w//°)/