The Ex | Podium Audio

The Ex

Book 1

By: Freida McFadden

Performed by: Nicol Zanzarella

Released: March 22, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 34 min

Cassie thinks she has met the perfect man.

Joel is sweet, handsome, romantic, and best of all, he’s crazy about Cassie. She thinks she’s found the guy she’ll spend the rest of her life with. Have children with.  Grow old with.

Yes, she knows about his perfect ex-girlfriend, Francesca. The beautiful, brilliant chef, beloved by all his friends. But she thinks Francesca is out of the picture. She thinks Francesca is gone for good.

Think again, Cassie.



Freida McFadden



Nicol Zanzarella

Nicol Zanzarella is a veteran, award-winning audiobook narrator, across multiple genres. She has over 200 titles to her credit, from a wide range of publishers and audiobook producers, as well as working directly with independent authors. She loves voicing audio description for the blind community, and is an actor with experience?in both classical and contemporary theatre and film. Originally from Yonkers, NY, she heard her first stories around the dinner tables at her grandmothers? houses, and thinks that sharing stories of all kinds will be the thing that can help bring us together. Thank you for listening!