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The Bizarre Blades

The Forsaken Blade

Book 5

By: Stevie Collier

Performed by: Kevin Kemp

Released: April 28, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 0 min

With world-shattering tremors, friends that are now enemies, and a being so powerful he controls all things made from matter, Finn faces his final and last test as Champion.
(But first, a word from our gnome.)
Hello there! I’m Professor Wackadoodle! If you have yet to listen to the first four books in the series, then shame on you, you damned sneaky snake you! I’ve traveled from the dimension that holds the kingdoms of which you’ve listened to just to relay this message: DO NOT READ the description below if you have yet to experience the first four books. So, grab your gooch troll and prepare yourself for an adventure unlike no other!
The Featherstone Omen comes true, but who knew it would come with such terrible and heart wrenching sacrifice? From painter to Champion, Finn makes his final push to save the ones he loves as well as the entire world.
Armed with the knowledge that the one responsible for the soon to be apocalypse lies deep beneath their feet, Finn and his fellow adventurers must seek a way to enter this god-like being’s dominion. However, the tremors that now shake the world with incredible power are becoming more and more frequent which will make the journey much more dangerous.
From facing off against the terrible Hawk Flurry to coming into contact with a giant Kraken, Finn makes his move towards where he thinks to be the access point to the center of the world. Along the way he meets a lonely forge worker (and highly erotic) troll, is to be executed by a large-breasted fish-headed siren, and accidently joins a cult that follows a god that doesn’t exist.
If Finn thought his only trouble was finding the ancient entrance to the core of the world…he was so wrong.
Journey with Finn on his very last adventure. Friends and companions will be lost. One will become a god. New magical weapons as well as fantastic races will be discovered. And, above all, the most important aspect of this story: Wackadoodle gets a new ladle.
This is the fifth and final installment of the Bizarre Blades and is by far the wackiest, most heart-wrenching, nail-biting, laugh-out-loud, book yet. Stevie Collier releases the dam on his insane imagination and vomits up a story unlike no other.



Stevie Collier



Kevin Kemp

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