The Fragment of Fire | Podium Audio

The Shattered Soul

The Fragment of Fire

Book 4

By: Ben Hale

Performed by: Derek Perkins

Released: June 25, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 53 min

The fragments of Draeken battle foes on two fronts.
Wylyn, head of a powerful krey house, seeks the fabled Shard of Midnight, a massive tower rumored to have fallen during the Dawn of Magic. If it rises, she will bring her vast army to the shores of Lumineia. Her plan depends on Tardoq, her sworn protector, and the one with betrayal in his heart.
And Serak, head of the Order of Ancients, who seeks Draeken’s allegiance for a mysterious plan. Cunning and patient, Serak has gathered soldiers for an enemy yet to appear, trapped a mythical beast to power a forgotten mine, and kidnapped the monarchs from every kingdom. One of those taken is Rynda, queen of the rock trolls, a dangerous enemy to be caged.
The fragment of Fire hunts them both, and relishes every fight. His journey will take him to forgotten ruins, gilded halls, and fabled towers, but the greatest threat comes from within, for inside the fragments of Draeken a malevolent force begins to stir. It has heard Serak’s invitation, and desires the power being offered.



Ben Hale

As an avid snowboarder from Utah, Ben grew up with a passion for learning. This thirst for knowledge led him to sports, music, and academic endeavors. After a year of college, he did volunteer work in Brazil and became fluent in three languages. Graduating from the University of Central Florida, he published his first novel in June of 2012. Now spanning 6 series and 30 titles, The Chronicles of Lumineia represents a sprawling YA series that has sold over 300,000 copies, and continues to expand its readership across all ages. Each of his books has been inspired by his wonderful wife and six beautiful children. Ben recently completed his Masters in Professional Writing. To contact the author, discover more about Lumineia, or find out about upcoming novels, check out his website at You can also follow Ben on twitter @ BenHale8 or on Facebook.



Derek Perkins