The Gardens of Nibiru | Podium Audio

The Ember War

The Gardens of Nibiru

Book 5

By: Richard Fox

Performed by: Luke Daniels

Released: September 06, 2016

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 0 min

Earth defeated the Toth invasion. Now humanity takes the fight to the aliens.
The supreme Toth overlord, Mentiq, rules his species with an iron fist from his fortress on the planet Nibiru. The first overlord surrounds himself with decadent treasures and the galaxy’s deadliest warriors to protect his dominion from treachery and attack.
Armed with stolen Toth technology, the Breitenfeld travels to the world with a single mission: assassinate Mentiq and end the Toth threat to Earth.
What secrets await Lieutenant Hale and the Breitenfeld in The Gardens of Nibiru?



Richard Fox

Richard Fox is a Nebula Award nominated author, and winner of the 2017 Dragon Award for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy novel, author of The Ember War Saga, a military science fiction and space opera series, and other novels in the military history, thriller and space opera genres. He lives in fabulous Las Vegas with his incredible wife and three boys, amazing children bent on anarchy.



Luke Daniels