The General of Izril | Podium Audio

The General of Izril

Book 6

By: pirateaba

Performed by: Andrea Parsneau

Released: April 26, 2022

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 34 hr, 2 min

Clowns, Goblins, and Erin Solstice. Not all in the same place, mind you.

Erin Solstice trusts a lot of people—even some lost Redfangs survivors of Esthelm—but can she handle being friends with Goblins when every hand is turned against them and the tribes are on the rampage?

Liscor is in the path of Goblin Lord’s inexorable march north, and the fates of Rags, Garen Redfang, and Tremborag’s Goblin tribes are all tied to an impending war. Who will survive?

Tom the [Clown] is facing Demons in Rhir while Zel Shivertail is facing Wall Lord Ilvriss and an uncertain future. Faced with the knowledge of the Necromancer’s return, who can the two Drakes turn to?

Contains bonus content, an exclusive account of the 2nd Antinium War by famed [Writer], Krsysl Wordsmith.



Andrea Parsneau

Narrator, voice actor, and all-around character only begin to describe the force of nature that is Andrea Parsneau. If a diverse cast of characters capable of emotional depth and comedic delivery is what you are looking for in your audiobooks, you must begin listening to Andrea Parsneau.