The Green Woods | Podium Audio

Hidden Class: Pacifist

The Green Woods

Book 1

By: Cassio Ferreira

Performed by: Steve Corona

Released: March 19, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 30 min

Mutant animals. Special quests. Legendary skills.
Roth used to be a successful gamer with a short fuse and a nasty temper. All it took to send him on a rampage was to look at him funny.
When his rage fits cost him his friends, job, family, and freedom, he realizes the need to change. After four years in prison, he leaves as a better and more peaceful person. But sins have a way of catching up with a man. Those who were hurt by Roth’s rampages have planned a terrible revenge.
When Roth finds himself locked up inside the new MMORPG, AstroTerra, there seems to be no way out, especially because Roth refuses to hurt anyone or anything inside the game.
The Green Woods is book one in Hidden Class: Pacifist, a new series featuring a protagonist who overcomes his anger management issues to become the most peaceful man on Earth. Join Roth on an epic journey through a unique blend of gamelit, cyberpunk, science fiction, and fantasy elements. This wholesome LitRPG story contains no sexual content, profanity, gore, or harem.



Cassio Ferreira

Cássio was born in Portugal in 1990. His biggest struggle as a writer is not creating a character inspired by his cat, Oli, in every book he writes. While he studied robotics, his passion for languages led him down the path of teaching and interpreting. A fusion of science, languages, and a love for his cat, Oli, has molded him into a sci-fi and litRPG author who specializes in clean, wholesome fiction.  In his free time, Cássio enjoys leisurely walks with his beautiful wife and playful moments with Oli, the two muses behind his writing.



Steve Corona