The House that Fought | Podium Audio

Uncertain Sanctuary

The House that Fought

Book 3

By: Jenny Schwartz

Performed by: Tess Irondale

Released: December 27, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 06 hr, 38 min

Still reeling from betrayal, Reality’s newest sorcerer finds herself at the heart of a centuries-old conspiracy that could destabilize worlds.
Billions of lives are at risk. Hidden motivations are everywhere. Evander has family trouble. Lennu has a theory. Gale has gossip—doesn’t she always? And Kira has a plan. Maybe. If her magic would just behave.
Join the House in the thrilling conclusion to the Uncertain Sanctuary series. Science fantasy at its startling, genre-bending best.



Jenny Schwartz

After a varied career working as an alien spacecraft engineer, a time traveler and a cryptid wrangler – and since no one would believe her stories were true – Jenny Schwartz now self-identifies as a novelist. She lives in Australia and her hobbies include earworm hexing and chocolate connoisseurship.



Tess Irondale