The House that Walked Between Worlds | Podium Audio

Uncertain Sanctuary

The House that Walked Between Worlds

Book 1

By: Jenny Schwartz

Performed by: Tess Irondale

Released: October 18, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 2 min

A tornado of chaos is tearing through Reality, and in its path is the newest House–a bleak and forbidding fortress built of magic and grief by the most unlikely of sorcerers–a human.
A reckless act of compassion costs Dr. Kira Aist her family and her future on Earth. To escape her enemies, she calls on her heritage as a descendant of Baba Yaga and walks between worlds.
As Kira roams the paths of Reality, strangers are drawn to her House. Some seek refuge, some seek power, and one just wants kitty treats.
With the fate of multiple worlds hanging in the balance, Kira must discover what it means to be a sorcerer and the keeper of a House.
The House That Walked Between Worlds is a compelling and original fantasy novel of multiple worlds and beguiling mystery in the tradition of Ursula Le Guin and Diana Wynne Jones.



Jenny Schwartz

After a varied career working as an alien spacecraft engineer, a time traveler and a cryptid wrangler – and since no one would believe her stories were true – Jenny Schwartz now self-identifies as a novelist. She lives in Australia and her hobbies include earworm hexing and chocolate connoisseurship.



Tess Irondale