The Journey to the Southern Wastelands | Podium Audio

The Journey to the Southern Wastelands

Book 6

By: Shadowsfinger

Performed by: Kevin T Collins

Released: May 03, 2022

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 7 min

After departing from the Lang Tribal Clan of the Eastern Wilds, Feng Yu and the others had set out on a lone journey toward the Southern Wastelands, venturing toward the various routes of the Southern Pass separately.

Feng Yu took on the temporary identity of a wandering swordsman, but will it be enough to shield him from the unyielding Midnight Temple assassins, or even the various Major Factions and bounty hunters that are out for his head?

His epic quest continues in book six of the Dual Sword God series.




ShadowsFinger is a web developer who began to pursue the art of writing in 2018, publishing the Dual Sword God book series. After being exposed to many Wuxia and LitRPG stories, he fell in love with the genre and decided to try out writing. With his love for digital art and the creation of mystical worlds, writing became an exciting field as now he writes every day while balancing his work-life.