The Justicar's Heir | Podium Audio


The Justicar’s Heir

Book 2

By: David Musk

Performed by: Suzy Jackson

Released: May 09, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 17 hr, 47 min

Nahlia and Thane are fugitives.
Enemies surround them from every side. Not just Aeons and Templars but a mysterious sect of assassins who seek the artifact they stole from Whitecliff.
During this time, Nahlia’s powers grow faster than she’d ever imagined. But this growth brings new challenges, including a darker side of Ethermancy that could change everything.
Meanwhile, Ciena Raider strikes out on her own. Driven by vengeance, she trains harder than ever before, vowing to become the strongest Aeon of this age.



David Musk

David Musk is a fantasy author living in Michigan with his wife, Sarah. He began his writing journey as a web novelist in 2015, and he’s been telling stories ever since.



Suzy Jackson