The Knights of Erador | Podium Audio

The Echoes Saga

The Knights of Erador

Book 7

By: Philip C. Quaintrell

Performed by: Steven Brand

Realeased: September 15, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 21 hr, 4 min

Here is today’s lesson; heroes die.

It’s been 15 years since the Orcs were defeated. Fifteen years since a new king rose from the battlefield. Fifteen years since Illian knew the horror of war. Fifteen years of peace are about to end.

Something is coming. Shadows gather. Whispers of rebellion have reached the king. Darkness stirs beyond Illian’s borders.

Beyond the mountains, Dhenaheim has lost a quiet war. Refugees pour into Illian, bringing suspicion and unrest. For Doran Heavybelly, Dhenaheim’s war means facing a personal tragedy that demands his attention…and his axe.

A simple job for too much coin should have been warning enough for Asher but, like Fate, trouble always has a way of finding him.

Conspiracy. Rebellion. Betrayal. Time to find out who the real heroes are.

The Knights of Erador continues this unmissable epic fantasy series.

300,000 copies sold worldwide.



Philip C. Quaintrell

Philip C Quaintrell is a thirty year-old self-proclaimed king of the geeks. He grew up in Manchester and studied nursing in Leicester. After giving six years to the NHS, he finally decided to relieve some of the pressure in his imagination and make it work for him. Into his seventh year of writing, he has just released his tenth book and has no plans to stop any time soon. You can follow him on Instagram: Facebook: Philip C. Quaintrell



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