The Lion Academy | Podium Audio

Legend of Raven

The Lion Academy

Book 2

By: Konstantin Zaitsev

Performed by: Brian Nishii

Released: June 20, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 37 min

Rings of Power unleash the inner strength. They lead the true cultivators against the creatures of Hell.
Having won the battle with the demon, Yang Wu leaves Thunder Pearl behind to study at the Lion Academy. Ahead of him lie underhand struggles of clans and secret societies, ancient secrets, and dangerous enemies. He will have to go through many trials and fights, putting his life and health on the line. To survive and stay on the top, Yang will have to get to know himself better and master his new powers.
A champion never gives up. He stares death in the eye as he prepares himself for his next fight, chanting the ancient mantra in his head.
There is no pain. There is no death. There is only the path. There is only my will.



Konstantin Zaitsev



Brian Nishii