The Lord of Stariel | Podium Audio


The Lord of Stariel

Book 1

By: AJ Lancaster

Performed by: Finty Williams

Released: August 04, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 47 min

The Lord of Stariel is dead. Long live the Lord of Stariel. Whoever that is. 
Everyone knows who the magical estate will choose for its next ruler. Or do they? Will it be the lord’s eldest son, who he despised? His favourite nephew, with the strongest magical land-sense? His scandalous daughter, who ran away from home years ago to study illusion? 
Hetta knows it won’t be her, and she’s glad of it. Returning home for her father’s funeral, all Hetta has to do is survive the family drama and avoid entanglements with irritatingly attractive local men until the Choosing. Then she can leave. But whoever Stariel chooses will have bigger problems than eccentric relatives to deal with. 
Winged, beautifully deadly problems. 
For the first time in centuries, the fae are returning to the Mortal Realm, and only the Lord of Stariel can keep the estate safe. In theory. 
The Lord of Stariel is the first book in the Stariel quartet.



AJ Lancaster

Growing up in rural Aotearoa New Zealand, AJ Lancaster escaped chores by hiding up trees to read books. However, it took many years and accumulating a pile of manuscripts for her to realise that she might want to be a writer. On the way to this realisation she collected a degree in science, worked in environmental planning, and became an editor. The Lord of Stariel is her first novel.



Finty Williams