The Midwife and the Orc | Podium Audio

Orc Sworn

The Midwife and the Orc

By: Finley Fenn

Performed by: Shane East

Released: April 18, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 17 hr, 35 min

Orc Mountain needs a midwife, and this devious, deadly orc is determined to find one…
In a world of recently warring orcs and men, Gwyn Garrett is a lord’s daughter on a mission: to escape her lord father, dump her cheating betrothed, and pursue her true calling as a plant-obsessed midwife—until the night her brand-new house is invaded by an orc. 
He’s a tall, taunting, treacherous monster with sharp teeth, vicious claws, and gleaming black eyes. Worst of all, he has a blatant, brutal mission of his own. He’s come to court her, claim her, compromise her.
Gwyn is far too clever to fall for this sneaky orc’s schemes—right? Even if he moves like a graceful god, his voice is sweet syrup in her ears, and his low, mocking laugh sparks something hot and reckless deep in her soul…
It’s hunger; it’s home; it’s everything Gwyn never knew she needed. But in its wake, there’s only devastation, defeat, and the realization that she’s forever linked with this horrible orc and his horrible plans—and, with the war, the fates of hundreds of women like her.
The truth is that Orc Mountain desperately needs her. Maybe this proud, lonely orc does too…



Finley Fenn

Finley Fenn creates steamy fantasy romance tales with cranky-but-sexy men and monsters, loads of angst and drama, a dash of mystery and action, and wholehearted happily ever afters. She lives in Canada with her beloved family, including her own cranky-but-sexy husband, and her cranky-and-hungry dog. To get free bonus content, character illustrations, and news about upcoming books, sign up at



Shane East