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The Moonstone Landing

The Moonstone Governess

Book 4

By: Meara Platt

Performed by: Hollis McCarthy

Released: May 28, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 46 min

Welcome to Moonstone Landing, where moonstones shimmer beneath the sea and wounded hearts are mended.
Daire Claymore, Duke of Claymore, does not understand why he is so drawn to Moonstone Landing, the sleepy village on the coast of Cornwall. He has all the wealth and power any man can want and women who will come running to warm his bed at his slightest nod. He is used to getting whatever strikes his fancy. Except he cannot coax, bribe, buy, or get the impertinent Brenna Angel. Not that he wants her, although she is stunning and irresistible in an irritating way. He is merely negotiating to purchase a property owned by the stubborn beauty. Why is he not in London or Bath indulging in ton life with his fast-set friends?
Well, Daire knows why. He has inherited an abused nephew who is wild as wolves and terrified of Daire because he thinks Daire will hurt him as everyone else has in his young life. Daire is determined to heal the boy’s heart and teach him to trust. How can he do this when he was not raised in love and has never learned to trust, either? He resolves to swallow his pride and seek Brenna Angel’s help, for she is the perfect one to rid his nephew of his fears and add joy to his life. In healing his nephew, will Brenna also manage to heal Daire?
It is said the moonstones shine for lovers when the moon is full and silver upon the dark sea. Will they shine for Brenna and Daire?



Meara Platt



Hollis McCarthy