The Nice Guy | Podium Audio

It’s Amor Rom-Com

The Nice Guy

Book 1

By: Abi Sabina

Performed by: Neva Nevarre, Noah B. Perez

Released: November 14, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 58 min

Here’s my advice: Never fall for your boss when he is a walking red flag.
After finding out that my boyfriend cheated on me, I packed my bags and moved to Sunshine Falls. My uncle’s ready to retire, and he has always dreamed of me taking over his partnership at the animal clinic in town.
My surprise came when he introduced me to my new partner—and it’s the cute guy I was talking to at the coffee shop. It’s okay, though. I’m not looking for a relationship. My priorities are my career and starting over.
Ivan and I clash at every turn, and our transition is anything but smooth. Throw in the exotic animals that keep showing up, and I think we’re doomed. The one thing we can agree on is to make my uncle proud.
When Ivan starts to open up to me, it’s difficult to ignore my feelings. Throw in turtle-shelled glasses, and I’m putty. I’m tempted to break my rule, but I know the consequences that come with dating a co-worker, and I won’t go through that again.
_The Nice Guy _is a diverse, closed-door romantic comedy full of swoony moments, laughs, and a meddling Cuban family. The It’s Amor Rom-Com series follows Cuban-American cousins as they find unexpected love. You’ll get sizzling chemistry without the spice.



Abi Sabina

Abi Sabina writes sweet romantic comedy full of swoon, sass, and heart. She traded in the big city life for small town living when she moved to Spain. She hasn't wrangled herself a country boy yet, but she writes books based on charming heroes and small town charm, occasionally, adding the city life. She can’t live without coffee, country music lover, or the mountains. 



Neva Nevarre



Noah B. Perez