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The Nighthelm Guardian

The Nighthelm Guardian: Publisher’s Pack

Book 3

By: Olivia Ash & Lila Jean

Released: December 17, 2019

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 31 min

Contains books two and three of the Nighthelm Guardian series.
City of Fractured Souls, book two:
If you’re banished to the shadowy realm within Ripthorn Mountain, you die. The mountain’s fractured magic seeps into the bones of humans, slowly draining the life from their bodies with every step they take. It has been a death sentence for as long as anyone in the kingdom of Nighthelm can remember. And now, it’s Sophia’s fate.
Banished to the depths of the savage mountain, Sophia and her men are left with a choice: find their way to the surface, or die. But there are hungry beasts in the mountain. An ancient evil hunts Andreas, determined to end an old feud the wraith shifter had nothing to do with. And as it stalks them, ever closer, the clock is ticking for Zeke and Edric. Even with all their strength and magic, their human bodies can’t survive the mountain much longer.
But in the darkness, there’s a glimmer of light. In the depths of the mountain, in the farthest shadow of the darkest cavern, a young woman lies suspended in glowing crystal. Wounded and bloody, the girl stokes the depths of Sophia’s memory, reminding her of another time, of a life when she wasn’t broken. Close to death and unable to move, it’s clear the girl has the answers Sophia needs.
And now, Sophia has a new choice to make – between her mission, or her men.
City of the Enchanted Queen, book three:
Once a guardian of the people, Sophia is now a wrongfully convicted fugitive of Nighthelm – and the hunt is on. Deadly assassins stalk her every step, and the murderous creatures of the Witch Woods are hot on her heels. Nothing and nowhere is safe. Anyone brave enough to fight beside her risks a gruesome death. Her only redemption is to restore the rightful heir to the throne – but the clock is ticking. Enchantments, corruption, and assassins stand in Sophia’s way. 
As with so many things in this timeless city, not everything is as it seems. Old enemies resurface. Painful truths are unearthed. And the only way for Sophia to discover the truth behind her fractured magic is to end the Nameless Master’s takeover…no matter the cost.
Edric is a master of war. Zeke, a master of magic. Andreas, a master of death. These men fear nothing but losing the woman they love – and though they would die for her, only Sophia can end the bloodshed. For the truth is she’s painfully familiar with the one responsible for the deep corruption in Nighthelm. And she’s closer to the lethal truth than even she realizes.
Warning: This fantasy adventure features an alternative relationship dynamic that supports our badass heroine’s right to choose more than one man. It contains explicit scenes and is meant for mature listeners who enjoy steamy scenes, gorgeous muscular men, and lip-biting action.



Olivia Ash & Lila Jean