The Other Couple | Podium Audio

The Other Couple

By: Cathryn Grant

Performed by: Eva Kaminsky, Scott Merriman

Released: June 29, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 12 min

They planned a dream vacation. They got a trip to hell.
Maggie and Brad are on vacation at Lake Tahoe when they meet another couple, Skye and Joe. The four hit it off so well that Maggie invites their new friends to share her beautiful lakeside rental. What she doesn’t realize is Skye and Joe aren’t just some random couple. They have been watching Maggie and Brad and have chosen them carefully….
When they discover that Maggie has a secret that could destroy her marriage, they start turning the screws, pushing their own sinister agenda. But have they chosen their victim wisely? Or does Maggie also have a dark side?
As the pressure builds, what should have been a dream vacation begins to look more like the inner circle of hell. Before it’s over all four will be changed forever—and at least one of them will be dead.



Cathryn Grant

Cathryn is the bestselling author of eleven psychological thrillers, including THE OTHER COUPLE and THE GUEST, published by Inkubator Books. She is also the author of the ALEXANDRA MALLORY series, featuring a sociopath you can’t help but love.



Eva Kaminsky



Scott Merriman