The Path of Giants | Podium Audio

Jon Oklar

The Path of Giants

Book 3

By: B.T. Narro

Performed by: Simon Vance

Released: April 06, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 6 min

Jon is the hand and will of the king against the growing shadow.
Dark power stirs, giants about to clash. Jon has tasted the stench of death, and he knows he cannot face these challenges alone. Betrayal and suspicions among Jon’s trusted friends threaten to tear asunder their fragile plans. A chance encounter with a powerful, unknown mage from the enemy kingdom could shift the delicate balance in Jon’s favor. Can he look beyond his own suspicions and protect her long enough to earn the trust of his closest allies?
Battles loom, forces are aligned, and help is in high demand. Taking risks is pivotal, and the fate of Jon’s meager allies rests upon his decisions as never before. In Jon’s journey to bring peace and stability to the kingdom, he will first have to harness chaos.



B.T. Narro

My name is Brian T Narro. I live in Montana with my talented wife, who creates the badass covers of my books.



Simon Vance