The Path Through the Heavens | Podium Audio

The Heavenly Throne

The Path Through the Heavens

Book 6

By: Yuri Ajin

Performed by: Kirby Heyborne

Released: November 30, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 19 hr, 5 min

The light of Heaven will guide you to a place of great power. Listen to the flow of energy in your body and the echo of _Forces _in your soul, and they will lead you even in darkness.
The closer one gets to Heaven, the cruel and harsher the worlds and their inhabitants become. But Kai was never the type that gives up easily. He broke free from his shackles, healed all his wounds, and traveled far from the city of slaves in which fate had tossed him as if to test his skill and will.
After a successful and very cunning scheme, Kai and his team reached the Cloud Abode. There, they’ll have to either prove their worth as cultivators or perish. 
But their troubles won’t end there. The Cloud Abode is no place for those weak in spirit or strength. Power and skill are everything to those who got this far and they won’t tolerate cowardice or weakness. 
In this merciless world, in this kingdom of warriors, all that matters is your strength…and level of cultivation.



Yuri Ajin



Kirby Heyborne