The Perfect Getaway | Podium Audio

The Perfect Getaway

By: Kiersten Modglin

Released: June 07, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 33 min

It was the trip of a lifetime…until someone ended up dead. 

When four couples receive invitations to try out a luxury island resort, they are excited for a week of relaxation and reconnecting. For some, it’s the honeymoon they never had the chance to take. For others, it’s a last-ditch attempt to save their crumbling marriage. 

But when one of the group members ends up dead on the night of a terrible storm, what was once a paradise soon becomes a prison. 

Trapped on the island with no cell phone service and no means of escape, the couples fear the worst. What exactly happened to their friend? And could they be next? 

Determined to learn the truth, the couples search for answers, but only discover more secrets. Friendships, loyalties, and marriages are put to the ultimate test as they grapple to decide who to trust and who could be a threat.

Will they make it off the island? Or will the perfect getaway turn into their last? 



Kiersten Modglin

KIERSTEN MODGLIN is a bestselling author of psychological thrillers, member of International Thriller Writers, Novelists, Inc., and the Alliance of Independent Authors. A KDP Select All-Star, recipient of ThrillerFix's Best Psychological Thriller and Suspense Magazine's Best Book of 2021, she is known for her unpredictable suspense. Readers across the world refer to her as 'The Queen of Twists.'