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The Princess of Potential: A Humorous Romantic Fantasy

By: Delemhach

Performed by: Matthew Wolf

Released: June 27, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 54 min

A headstrong princess is entangled in intrigue, politics, magic, and romance in this coming-of-age tale set in the world of the beloved House Witch trilogy.
It’s been twenty years since Finlay Ashowan, the fabled house witch of Daxaria, first cooked up supernatural hijinks in the castle at Austice. Since then, much has changed: the royal family now resides elsewhere, a tentative peace has been established with Troivack, and the crown princess, Alina, is ready to pick the perfect nobleman to be her husband.
But Alina’s quest for her ideal consort is proving rather difficult. For one, between her father’s nerves and her own health issues, relations within the family are tense at best. For another, Fin and his wife, Annika, have returned to the castle to celebrate Alina’s momentous choice, bringing with them their fiery daughter, Katarina; mysterious son, Tamlin; and mischievous familiar, Kraken—all of whom have a penchant for finding trouble that somehow surpasses that of the house witch himself. And finally, the most politically promising suitor, the king of Troivack, is nothing less than completely intolerable.  
Now, Alina must manage filial expectations, flirtatious miscues, magical misadventures, and dangerous plots, all as she struggles to find her own place within her kingdom—and understand the blossoming desires of her own heart . . .
Featuring a new generation of delightful characters as well as the trademark charm, humor, and fantasy that made readers fall in love with the House Witch series, The Princess of Potential is a captivating tale of courtly intrigue, slow-burn romance, and mystical adventure that’s perfect for teens and adults alike.
The charming spin-off of the hit romantic-fantasy series that has more than a million views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible!




Delemhach is the author of the House Witch series, which they started in order to share with readers some of the warmth, fun, and love of food they experienced while growing up. Born and raised in Canada, Delemhach discovered their love of fantasy and magic at a young age, and the affair has carried on well into their adulthood. Currently, they work multiple jobs, but the one they most enjoy, aside from writing, is privately teaching music to people of all ages.



Matthew Wolf