The Quarry Master | Podium Audio

The Grumpy Heroes

The Quarry Master

Book 1

By: Amanda Milo

Performed by: Nick Cracknell

Released: June 08, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 37 min

A grumpy alien. A chatty, sunny human. For some insane reason, he wants her to look at him and see her mate.
I dislike people. I despise humans. A cruel mandate from one of my region’s rulers has saddled me with a slew of little alien humans: I’m to put them to work. One problem? I run a rock quarry, where humans’ thin skin is a detriment to productivity. Overseeing these humans is like trying to herd yanaks. If I don’t burn, beat, or strangle them to death by the day’s end, it will be a miracle.
I can tell the boss likes me, because I’m not dead. Bash is abrasive and acerbic, like some sort of alien love child between Michael Caine and Miss Hannigan. And maybe Ebenezer Scrooge. Bash is a little…anti-human race. But he’s not all bad. Sure, he’s a little growly and he sets things on fire when he gets mad, but even villains need friends. And here? Bash is everybody’s villain. Everybody’s but mine.



Amanda Milo

Amanda Milo wrote stories by day while she worked as a customer service agent by night. And then she wrote by night when she became a precious metal worker at a jewelry store during the day. (She listened to a lot of audio books while grinding, laser welding, and sanding rings.) She’s incredibly grateful for the readers (and listeners!) who have been picking up her stories, and she hopes to keep bringing heroes and heroines together in ways that make readers swoon and laugh. She really hopes you end her books feeling happy.



Nick Cracknell

Nick is based in the UK and has a deep and rich voice with a twang of Irish that can be accentuated. He is able to voice all accents from the British isles, from London to Scottish, Welsh and northern variations, as well as standard US, Australian and European accents from French and German to Scandinavian.  He has narrated over 60 audiobooks including Amanda Milo’s Stolen By An Alien series, Aya Morningstar’s Seeding Eden series, and a number of fantasy and paranormal titles, and is comfortable with just about anything thrown at him!