The Rebel | Podium Audio

Haven Grace Prep

The Rebel

Book 3

By: Kelsey Clayton

Performed by: Lance Greenfield, Sarah Puckett

Released: May 09, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 20 min

I don’t play by the rules. Never have, never will.
The second our eyes met from across the club, I could feel a shift in the air—an overwhelming pull drawing me in. One mind-blowing night is all it was, or so I thought.
Repeating my senior year may not have been the plan, but finding out my one-night stand is my new teacher—that’s something I never saw coming.
His gaze bores into me with the same intensity. That body, those hands, I remember every touch. I should stay away, but I don’t want to.
This time, all bets are off. I’ll let him think he’s in control—until I bring him to his knees.
Passion and fire. Forbidden and wrong.
Like I said, I don’t play by the rules.
_The Rebel _is a standalone in the Haven Grace Prep series. It contains sensitive topics that may not be suitable for all readers.



Kelsey Clayton

Kelsey Clayton is a USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance novels. She lives in a small town in Delaware with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. ​ She is an avid reader of fall hard romance. She believes that books are the best escape you can find, and that if you feel a range of emotions while reading her stories - she succeeded. She loves writing and is only getting started on this life long journey. ​ Kelsey likes to keep things in her life simple. Her ideal night is one with sweatpants, a fluffy blanket, cheese fries, and wine. She holds her friends and family close to her heart and would do just about anything to make them happy.



Lance Greenfield

Lance Greenfield began narrating in 2015 and has accrued over 200 titles in that time. He has worked with authors such as Sawyer Bennett, Lauren Landish, Willow Winters, Chelle Bliss and many more.



Sarah Puckett

With over 300 recorded titles to date and more than 7 years in this industry, Sarah knows the ins and outs of audiobook production and performance. She has worked with Independent Authors as well as Publishing Houses to record and produce single, dual, duet and multicast audiobooks. Sarah is also an award winning Narrator with 3 IAA awards in Romance and 2 in Paranormal.