The Reign of Magic | Podium Audio

Pentamuria Saga

The Reign of Magic

Book 1

By: Wolf Awert

Performed by: Derek Perkins

Released: November 28, 2017

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 17 hr, 55 min

Nothing will be as it was. Cities will crumble to ash. Ashen wastes will become lush and fertile. Rulers will serve, and servants will rule.
Pentamuria, the world of five kingdoms, is in a time of change. The power of the nobles and mages is threatened. War is upon them, although they do not know yet when or with whom. Thus, the mages are gathering in their capital, Ringwall, to prepare together against any possible enemy.
At this time, the orphan boy Nill is found by the Druids. He possesses considerable magical skills. So he is taken to Ringwall, where he is to be trained in the magical arts alongside his fellow students. Nill, who is an outsider, shows no respect for the traditions of the magical world, and challenges the ways of the mages.
Soon this mages start to ask themselves: Could this powerful stranger bring the foretold end of their reign?
If yes, Nill has to be dealt with. By whatever means….



Wolf Awert



Derek Perkins