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Planets Shaken

The Rendezvous

Book 2

By: Lee W. Brainard

Performed by: Thérèse Plummer

Released: May 07, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 11 min

The members of the Rogue Underground are hard-pressed by the cover-up – some on the run, some under surveillance, some in FEMA camps, and some lying low at the Compound, desperately wanting to help their friends.
The Rendezvous, volume two of the Planets Shaken series, ramps up the action while it continues the story of the Rogue, a mysterious, planet-size comet which threatens Earth with the apocalyptic scenario mentioned in Luke 21:26, "The planets…shall be shaken."
This series is written from a Christian perspective and contains no profanity or sensuality. Many of the characters reference the Bible and exhibit Christian values.



Lee W. Brainard



Thérèse Plummer