The Resentment | Podium Audio

Illicit Love

The Resentment

By: Ashlee Rose

Performed by: Callie Dalton

Released: October 03, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 14 hr, 9 min

Everything I thought I knew about myself was nothing more than a fabrication.
I had it all—the perfect life, the loving family, the best friend, the rock n roll boyfriend—until I didn’t.
The fairytales I grew up with were lies. Like my ex-best friend once said, fairytales are not real, and there is no prince on a white horse coming to save you. She was right. I was naive to think I deserved a happily ever after—until him.
Dark, tall, handsome, and twice my age. I knew nothing about him, but it seemed he knew everything about me. Like I said, everything I knew about myself was nothing more than a fabrication, and now I had resentment pumping through my blood.
The old Connie is long gone. Say hello to the new and improved.
_The Resentment _is book one in the Illicit Love series, which consists of four interconnected standalones. It’s best to listen to the series in order, and after listening to Dear Heart, You Screwed Me.



Ashlee Rose

Hi, I'm Ashlee Rose. I reside in the UK with my husband, three children and cockapoo Travis. I have been writing contemporary romance since 2018 and have never looked back. I have always been a lover of fairytales and wear my heart on my sleeve. I love bringing epic love stories and happily ever afters to readers.



Callie Dalton

Callie Dalton is a narrator and voice artist who loves feisty heroines and brooding boyfriends. A conservatory-trained theatre actor she has appeared in numerous regional theatre productions, independent films and comedy shows. Her award-winning narration is known for its humor, authenticity, and sexy male voices. Callie lives in Los Angeles with her own brooding (but not always) boyfriend and her schnauzer, Ella. “I love narrating feisty, funny heroines and brooding boyfriends. I think every romance needs a true-blue best friend and I always cry when the bad boy doesn’t get the girl.”