The Resolve of the Commonwealth | Podium Audio

Perseverance Andrews

The Resolve of the Commonwealth

Book 3

By: John Spearman

Performed by: Alex Picard

Released: February 27, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 3 min

When your enemies are desperate, that is when they are most dangerous.
Having just survived the most recent assaults, the Royal Navy hopes for a breather. Instead, their enemies have different ideas. They plan a daring attack designed to destroy the Commonwealth’s shipbuilding facilities before the Commonwealth’s economic might overwhelms them.
With two of the Royal Navy’s five fleets destroyed, the Admiral of the Fleet must put his life on the line to blunt the enemy attack. If their enemies succeed, the war might drag on for years. The cost to stop them might be his life.
With an enemy who will stop at nothing, Perseverance and Saint John find that nowhere is safe. Even the most joyous events have the potential for tragedy. Danger can lurk in even the safest places.
The turn of the tide might be at hand—if they survive.



John Spearman

In addition to being an award-winning author, John Spearman is a Latin teacher and coach at a prestigious New England boarding school. Before joining the world of academia, Spearman was a sales and marketing executive for 25 years. The proud father of four boys, he lives with his wife (and five dogs) in coastal Maine when school is not in session.



Alex Picard