The Return of the Queen | Podium Audio

Demon Princess Magical Chaos

The Return of the Queen

Book 7

By: J.J. Pavlov

Performed by: Katana Jones

Released: June 07, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 15 min

Reunited: Chaos returns from her year-long exile and finds her home in ruins.

The human-led Alliance has conquered over half the Dominion’s lands and is set to overrun the demons’ final bastion. But finally reunited with her lovers and accompanied by her new allies, the crown princess is ready to reclaim her nation.

Asoko, thawed from her prison of Eternal Ice, aids the dwarves in their war against the menace from below. Before the other half of Chaos can return to the Dominion, she and her companions will come face to face with a new destiny in the faraway land of fire and ice.

The Return of the Queen is the seventh volume of the Demon Princess Magical Chaos Saga. It sees Chaos and her allies enter an all-out war against the nations controlled by the false gods. In this epic struggle for survival, the Crawling Chaos will have to overcome her greatest challenge yet.



J.J. Pavlov

My lifelong passion has been to tell stories. I wrote my first fiction in my early teens, but ultimately wanted to be a film director. However, I learned that a director has far fewer freedoms in storytelling than a writer does. Thus, I returned to my roots and started writing again. Every time my heart wavers, I pledge to myself that I will never give up telling stories even through the hardest of times.



Katana Jones