The Roommate Route | Podium Audio

Oleander Springs

The Roommate Route

Book 2

By: Mariah Dietz

Released: January 02, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Nolan Payne, wide receiver for the Camden Knights, isn’t looking for anything serious.
His focus is on football and convincing his sister and her roommates that his moving in was a good idea.
Hadley Foster is facing the toughest challenge of her college career: public speaking. It’s her kryptonite but a requirement for her future role with her family’s company, so she’s intent on overcoming her fear. And public speaking just so happens to be her new roommate’s strong suit.
And that’s not all Nolan’s good at.
Their attraction turns into temptation, and they find a way not to break the house rules: friends with benefits. Technically, they’re not dating.
But as their feelings progress into something beyond casual, will they be ready to risk taking a new route?
_USA Today _bestselling author Mariah Dietz delivers a delicious romance you don’t want to miss!



Mariah Dietz