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The Sect

Book 3

By: Michael Katz Krefeld

Performed by: Peter Noble

Released: July 23, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

From Denmark’s King of Crime: The search for a businessman’s missing son leads a grief-stricken PI into a web of deceit, arson, and religious fanaticism.
Freelance private detective Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholdt is attempting to move on with his life following the murder of his girlfriend. But when wealthy business mogul Ferdinand Mesmer enlists his help finding his son, Ravn reluctantly takes on what he thinks will be a straightforward missing person case.
A decade ago, Jacob Mesmer founded the mysterious and scandal-scarred religious sect “God’s Chosen.” Now he’s vanished without a trace. As Ravn digs deeper, he discovers the previous private eye assigned to the case has also disappeared. Following the clandestine trail of Jacob and his followers, Ravn tracks them to a secluded country house on the remote Danish island of Lolland. There he exposes a nightmarish secret from the shared past of Jacob and Ferdinand Mesmer, a deadly crime with ties to Denmark’s business elite, and a final revelation so horrifying it threatens to unleash disastrous consequences upon them all. For this is no ordinary sect. It’s a death cult.
Award-winning author Michael Katz Krefeld’s The Sect is a heart-stopping thriller in which the past haunts the present and the truth is a deadly weapon. Welcome back to the chilling world of Detective Ravn, where danger lurks in every shadow—and survival comes at a price.



Michael Katz Krefeld



Peter Noble