The Sorcerer's Loss | Podium Audio

The Magician’s Brother

The Sorcerer’s Loss

Book 2

By: HDA Roberts

Performed by: Kevin Kemp

Released: April 05, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 25 min

My twin brother has started to go mad, and my powers are the cause.
Nobody knows how to stop it, and all the facts are telling me that unless I can cure him, my brother is very likely going to try and kill me soon. And that’s just how this whole mess starts. From there I run face first into a whole stack of problems, including a crazy werewolf girl, a large pack of flesh-eating ghouls, and a trip to the greatest repository of magical knowledge in the world, where someone like me is definitely not welcome. There, I discover dark secrets from before the birth of modern civilization, and make an enemy of the toughest woman I’ve ever met, one whose motto may as well have been "when in doubt, stab it a lot!"
If that wasn’t enough, Windward Academy has a new magic teacher, who also doesn’t like me very much (who does these days?). She’s not only far more powerful than I am, she’s also hiding secrets of her own, any one of which could vastly complicate an already touchy situation. But I can’t let any of that stop me. I’ve got to find a way to help Des, but the only paths open to me are costly and horrifically dangerous.
No matter what I do, I’m bound to lose something precious. I still have to try.



HDA Roberts



Kevin Kemp

Macie Miller is an audiobook narrator passionate about narrating all things romance! She loves connecting with readers and authors through their shared love of the romance genre. She loves to narrate all romances including contemporary, paranormal, monster, sapphic, and dark romance. When not recording in her home studio, Macie loves hiking, getting lost in a romance novel, and baking delicious treats!