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The Shape of Love

The Square

Book 2

By: JA Huss, Johnathan McClain

Performed by: Ava Erickson, Luke Jackson, Tad Branson

Realeased: May 07, 2019

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 41 min

ALEC — Against all odds we found each other. And then a single moment of betrayal ripped it all away. I thought Christine had forgiven me. I thought we’d moved past it. I thought she’d healed.

CHRISTINE — I loved them both and they loved me. But then Danny left and our triangle was broken. So was I really that surprised when Alec put it back together again?

DANNY — We are meant to be together. We all know that. But what did Alec do after I left? What could he have possibly done to make Christine want revenge?



JA Huss

JA Huss is the New York Times Bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today Bestseller's list 21 times in the past five years. She writes characters with heart, plots with twists, and perfect endings.



Ava Erickson



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The Shape of Love, Book 2