The Stones of Aer | Podium Audio

The Shattering of Kingdoms

The Stones of Aer

Book 3

By: Emmet Moss

Performed by: Simon Vance

Released: June 01, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 25 hr, 25 min

The battle lines have been drawn.
The An’Dari and his allies have embarked upon their quest for one of the missing Stones of Aer. The lost artifact of legend may hold the key to saving those trapped in the Grey. Pursued by the enemy, the survival of an entire ancient race is in their hands. 
With the summer months fast approaching, defiant mercenary companies continue to clash with the forces of the new Protectorate Empire. The prince’s army, now camped at the Dwarven fortress of Celig Helme, hones its skills in preparation for all-out war. In the lands of the Northern Council, Elizabeth Mayne continues to navigate the political arena in Hallenford. Meanwhile, in the occupied port city of Edentor, rebels plan the daring rescue of a foreign noblewoman. 
And, fulfilling a Silveryn prophecy, an infamous name from the past reaches out from the shadows – Kaleris has returned.



Emmet Moss



Simon Vance