The Stradivarius | Podium Audio

Astra Epsilon

The Stradivarius

Book 2

By: Brayden Dodge

Performed by: Graham Halstead

Released: April 11, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Quest Update: Reunite the team. Current Status: Complete.
After finally reuniting on the Orchard Fortress, it seemed like the team would make a clean getaway…until a magical glimpse into the future revealed their horrible—and imminent—demise. At least they finished their first quest, right?
Even if they somehow escape their impending doom in the next thirty seconds and make it back to the Stradivarius, their troubles are far from over. The soulforged vessel is a floating warzone. In addition to all the normal dangers that space travel poses, the derelict ship is packed with fromlirs. Hordes of the tiny lizardmen stalk the halls, led by a mech-suit capable of ripping through metal like tissue paper.
Orion wrestles with his self-doubt—made all the worse by torrents of verbal abuse from a snarky AI. Arcana, still intent on becoming the greatest caster in the universe, wants nothing more than to leave the team behind, and after her actions during the escape, Galek is inclined to let her. Echo needs new spells to round out her healing repertoire—and new drugs to try. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Syzygy still hasn’t found shoes.



Brayden Dodge

Author dedicated to exciting stories full of enjoyable characters



Graham Halstead

Graham is a classically trained theater actor from the US, living and working in Paris, France (where his fluent French comes in handy!). Recipient of two Audie Awards and twelve AudioFile Earphones Awards for his work in audiobooks, Graham’s 400+ narrations run the gamut from YA to historical fiction. As a stage actor he has performed on stages all over from DC and NYC, to London and Edinburgh. As a prolific voice actor, he has lent his versatile voice to anime and animated features, and TV shows like Pokémon and YuGiOh!, as well as commercial campaigns for everything from Subway to Airborne. Visit []( for more !”