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Anno Initium

The Stranded: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel

Book 1

By: Dinko Skopljak

Released: December 13, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 6 min

Survivors take refuge on a Mediterranean island as a zombie plague ravages the world in this apocalyptic thriller perfect for fans of HBO’s The Last of Us.
By the time the classified report is leaked to the public, it’s already too late. A horrifying pandemic has begun to spread, with ferocious speed, from Paris to the rest of Europe. The infected masses die quickly . . . but they don’t remain dead for long.
As military forces are overpowered by the horde of undead, civilization as we know it is pushed to the breaking point. Those who remain uninfected rush the ports, hoping to escape the bloodthirsty beasts, desperate for some safe harbor.
Fleeing Barcelona, a lone survivor makes the perilous journey to Mallorca. Once a vacationer’s paradise, the island is now the last refuge of a small but resilient community, and they welcome the newcomer with open arms. But the pristine, secluded landscape belies the dangers they face—from both the infected and one another.
Originally published in German and available for the first time in English, The Stranded combines dystopian science fiction and thrilling action in a tense tale of survival at all costs.



Dinko Skopljak