The Terran Privateer | Podium Audio

The Duchy of Terra

The Terran Privateer

Book 1

By: Glynn Stewart

Performed by: Hillary Huber

Released: November 01, 2016

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 24 min

Earth is conquered. Sol is lost. One ship is tasked to free them. One Captain to save them all.
When an alien armada destroys the United Earth Space Force and takes control of the human homeworld, newly reinstated Captain Annette Bond must take her experimental hyperspace cruiser Tornado into exile as Terra’s only interstellar privateer.
She has inferior technology, crude maps, and no concept of her enemy, but the seedy underbelly of galactic society welcomes her so long as she has prizes to sell and money to spend.
But when your only allies are pirates and slavers, things are never as they seem – and if you become all that you were sworn to destroy, what are you fighting for?



Glynn Stewart

Glynn Stewart is the author of Starship's Mage, a bestselling science fiction and fantasy series where faster-than-light travel is possible-but only because of magic. His other works include science fiction series Duchy of Terra, Castle Federation and Vigilante, as well as the urban fantasy series ONSET and Changeling Blood. Writing managed to liberate Glynn from a bleak future as an accountant. With his personality and hope for a high-tech future intact, he lives in Kitchener, Ontario with his wife, their cats, and an unstoppable writing habit



Hillary Huber