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The Shape of Love

The Triangle

Book 1

Released: December 25, 2018

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 32 min

A suspenseful, tangled, erotic love story from the twisted minds of New York Times best-selling author JA Huss and actor/screenwriter Johnathan McClain.
Alec. Christine. Danny. This is how you say our names. Danger is our drug of choice, the triangle our addiction.
Alec. Golden boy with diamonds in his eyes. Christine. Partner in crime and owner of my heart. They know what they want. Me. Danny. Unsure of everything they’re offering. But if she needs me, I come. So when he called, I went. It’s just that simple.
Until it wasn’t.
Until all those memories come rushing back with all the things we left behind.
I only know three things. There is no her without him. No me without them. No we without us. We are Alec, Christine, and Danny.
And this is the shape of our love.