The Trouble with Fate | Podium Audio

The Forbidden Love Series

The Trouble with Fate

Book 5

By: Kat T. Masen

Performed by: Christian Black, Laurie West

Released: November 28, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 10 min

I am nothing like my sisters.
The Edwards daughters have a reputation for falling in love under forbidden circumstances. Not me, though. I’m the calm, collected one and Daddy’s new favorite since I cause the least trouble.
This is all thanks to my long-time best friend, Cruz Cooper. He’s every bit the crazy person I’m not and keeps me grounded in college despite his wild ways.
We have all these plans to live off-campus and then start our careers without wasting our best years caught up in toxic relationships.
Until the night we had dinner with his parents. And his older brother walked in…. Masen Cooper.
He looked nothing like I remembered. Tall, muscular—sexy in ways I prefer not to think about. Yet five minutes spent with him, and he is clearly still the arrogant jerk who would taunt me as a kid.
Now, he has his eyes on me once again. But this time, he wants to play a different type of game. One which will force me to choose between two brothers…



Kat T. Masen

Kat T. Masen is a USA Today Bestselling Author from Sydney, Australia. Her passion is writing angsty love triangles involving forbidden men like besties older brother. She is also the founder of the Books Ever After store, Books By The Bridge Author Events, and spends way too much time on Tik Tok creating videos for her #1 Amazon bestseller Chasing Love. Oh...and she's a total boy mom. 1 husband, 4 boys, and a needy pug.



Christian Black

Christian Black has been narrating audiobooks since 2020, specializing in romance and all its subgenres, with a voice often described as vibrant, commanding, sensual and virile. Based out of Michigan, he has an extensive acting background that includes nearly 20 years on stage in community theatre and a few years doing occasional commercial voice over work. He uses his experience from both to deliver an engaging and natural storytelling experience. Outside of the booth he can be found tinkering with computers or taking on various DIY projects around the house.



Laurie West

Laurie is a romance narrator of over 185 titles. She is best known for a warm but sexy tone that is filled with emotion and heart.