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The Trumpets of Mars

Book 2

By: Travis Starnes

Performed by: Kevin Kemp

Released: December 27, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 28 min

Marching to war.
The Carthaginians are marching to destroy Rome and it is up to Ky, a test pilot from the future thrown into an alternate past, to keep the once mighty Roman Empire from being destroyed.
As Ky gathers Roman and Caledonian forces together to form a new Britannic Empire to defend against the Carthaginian host, he must also struggle to contend with a malfunctioning AI implanted in his brain that is slowly gaining sentience.
Thankfully, Ky is not alone. With the help of the Emperors daughter Lucilla, he must ready himself to fight both his own mind and the Carthaginian hordes for a chance to build a new world.
Will Ky succeed in cementing the Britannic Empire as a force to counter the Carthaginian threat, or will the this alternate earth fall to Carthaginian hegemony?



Travis Starnes

Travis Starnes is a freelance writer living in Texas. He has a love for books of all types, but preferably sci-fi, mystery and the occasional history. In addition to writing, Travis also runs the Complete Marvel Reading Order, a large comic enthusiast community. His passion is creating worlds and characters that live and breathe, letting them loose, and seeing what happens.



Kevin Kemp

Macie Miller is an audiobook narrator passionate about narrating all things romance! She loves connecting with readers and authors through their shared love of the romance genre. She loves to narrate all romances including contemporary, paranormal, monster, sapphic, and dark romance. When not recording in her home studio, Macie loves hiking, getting lost in a romance novel, and baking delicious treats!