The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver | Podium Audio

Middle Falls Time Travel

The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver

Book 1

By: Shawn Inmon

Performed by: Johnny Heller

Released: May 01, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 20 min

All Thomas Weaver wanted was death. What he got was time travel. 
Thomas Weaver, haunted by a teenage tragedy, lived a wasted life. He closed his eyes for what he believed was the last time in 2016, but opened them again in his teenage bedroom and body in 1976. Now a middle-aged man in his teenage body, he sets out to fix everything he did wrong in his first life. A budding serial killer in home room, a possible new romance, and high school algebra complicate his plans.
What would you do, if you could do it all again?
Includes a special bonus note read by the author.



Shawn Inmon

Shawn Inmon has written more than twenty books, ranging from redemptive time travel to true love memoirs, to collections of short stories. He lives in bucolic Seaview, Washington and is married to his high school sweetheart. They share their home with two chocolate labs and a slightly schizoid cat named Georgie.



Johnny Heller