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The Villainess Is An SS+ Rank Adventurer

The Villainess Is an SS+ Rank Adventurer

Book 1

By: Kaye Ng

Performed by: Brenna Larsen

Released: August 29, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 9 min

Juliette Contzen is a lazy, good-for-nothing princess.
Overshadowed by her siblings, she’s left with little to do but nap, read, and occasionally cut the falling raindrops with her sword. Spotted one day by an astonished adventurer, he insists on grading Juliette’s swordsmanship, then promptly has a mental breakdown at the result.
Soon after, Juliette is given the news that her kingdom is on the brink of bankruptcy. At the threat of being married off, the lazy princess vows to do whatever it takes to maintain her current lifestyle. Taking matters into her own hands, she escapes in the middle of the night in order to restore her kingdom’s finances.



Kaye Ng



Brenna Larsen