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The Viridian Priestess

The Viridian Priestess

Book 1

By: Katrina Calandra

Performed by: Nikki Grey

Released: April 09, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 33 min

She is a telepathic priestess, determined to rise through the ranks of her temple. So why do her thoughts keep straying back to the masked commander?
Priestess Ferren has devoted her life to her celestial deity, yet she has not been able to ascend the priestess order. On the eve of a great planetary event, the chance to prove herself arises. She must accept the opportunity or succumb to a life of shame in the eyes of her temple.
The potentially deadly mission comes with several complications when she crosses paths with a commander from a rival planet. Ferren must conceal her loyalty to the temple from her new travel companion and his questionable crew. The longer she is in proximity to the mysterious commander, the more intrigued she becomes with his forbidden nature.
As the threat of a common enemy closes in, Ferren finds solace in the commander. While working together in the hope of saving their people, they forge a profound connection that tethers them in unexpected ways. Ferren must decide if she can go back to the stoic existence she once led when he has shown her a taste of the life she deserves.
The Viridian Priestess is a slow-burn but spicy romance. It ends on a slight cliffhanger with an HFN.



Katrina Calandra

Katrina Calandra is a Sci-Fi Romance Author with a passion for spicy love stories set in unique worlds. Originally a screenwriter, she has found her true calling in writing romance novels. Her little Aquarius heart has a soft spot for stoic heroes who are devoted cinnamon rolls for their heroines. When she isn’t lost in a cozy movie, she is practicing tarot or plotting her next book. Katrina lives in a sleepy town in Upstate New York with her two feline familiars Sookie and Jupiter.



Nikki Grey