The Ways We Betray | Podium Audio

The Path of Temptation

The Ways We Betray

Book 4

By: Auryn Hadley

Performed by: Aaron Shedlock, Kasi Hollowell

Released: December 27, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 21 hr, 43 min

To protect those who matter most, we will betray others in ways we never expected.
This is supposed to be a good year. With a new set of instructors —and ones I know well—I’m sure it will be. For once, things are finally starting to go my way. My mentors are proud, my family is closer than ever before, and I am happy.
Unfortunately, the gods are tired of waiting. Every day, Zeal grows stronger, but Ambition, Inspiration, Perception, Compassion, and Intuition don’t. They’re fading, with no hope in sight.
Except me.
Piece by piece, my god has built me up, given me "weapons" to use, and made me into the kind of woman I can be proud of. He calls me his partner and that isn’t an empty title. It means more than just serving him. I can tell by the longing in his divine eyes.
My success doesn’t go unnoticed, though. My haters want to destroy me, but let them try. Petty bullying is too childish for me to worry about. With so many priests able to see the God of Temptation now, I no longer care who likes me and who doesn’t.
And that’s my biggest mistake.
Because my god doesn’t run this temple. He doesn’t make the rules. With a single signed paper, I’m no longer as safe as I thought. Friends are going to be betrayed. Lovers will suffer. Somehow, I have to fix this.
I am the Priestess of Temptation, Zeal’s chosen. Someone is going to be punished. I almost hope it’s me.

The Path of Temptation series features a strong woman and the men who love her. Graphic language, adult situations, and potentially triggering violence that are suitable for a mature audience are included. This is a love story, but sometimes love comes with a price. Possible triggers include discussions of rape and assault, domestic violence, bullying, harassment, consensual pain and battery, shaming, sexual sadism, minor violence, and more adult themes.



Auryn Hadley



Aaron Shedlock

Adventurous, quirky, and typically lost in his own imaginative worlds, Aaron learned the art of storytelling from his globe trotting grandfather, well known for recanting his travels to exotic locales and living among other cultures while sipping a glass of his favorite beer. A student of Meisner method acting and obsessed with books, film, music, and art, Aaron came to the world of audiobooks not only as a gifted actor, but as an avid fan, chasing after his favorite narrators’ latest work with voracious enthusiasm. In addition to narrating over 300 audiobooks under various names, Aaron can be been heard in podcasts, radio dramas, animations, video games, commercials, and infomercials all around the world. Known for his deep voice, dynamic versatility, extensive use of dialects and accents, and submersing himself fully into his characters and stories, he brings a wonderfully unique, emotional, and engaging experience to his listeners. He’s a fan favorite across multiple genres and can often be found interacting and enjoying their company as a prominent streamer in the Twitch community, playing music, sipping great coffee, or just rolling around on the floor with his pups.



Kasi Hollowell

Kasi got her start on the stage at a young age but began her voice over career while getting her BFA in Musical Theatre doing English dubs with Sentai Filmworks. In addition to the nearly 75+ audiobooks she’s narrated, she can be heard in shows like _The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody _(Olivia), _Maid Sama _(Erika)_, Trapped in a Dating Sim _(Jenna), _Gosick _(Julie Guile)_, Kantai Collection _(Kisaragi)_, Afterlost _(Rena)_, _and many others_. _Being a trained vocalist, audiobook narration seemed the perfect marriage of voiceover work and her love of singing by exploring the tones and colors of her voice as a way to differentiate, ground, and connect with each character she voices.