The Zealot | Podium Audio

Immersion Online

The Zealot

Book 2

By: Evan Klein

Performed by: Jeffrey Kafer, Todd Menesses

Released: December 07, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 58 min

In the exciting second installment of Immersion Online, Mace discovers that sometimes when you hit the streets, the streets hit back….
What the streets don’t realize is that Mace can take a punch and doesn’t mind punching back. In fact, he prefers it that way! Along with Havervill, his irascible (but charming) virtual assistant; Tinsie, his sassy deputy; and Buddy his stoic golem, Mace will investigate several murders, the theft of a relic of mass destruction, and the kidnapping of the most famous woman in the game.
To make matters worse, the city is suddenly plagued with zealots who want to drive the players from the game. Mace and his team need to figure out how all of these events are connected. With time running out, Mace must team up with the Granson Gang, the most powerful league in the game, to undertake the first ever “dive” of a divine dungeon. It is deep in the depths of the dungeon where he will discover how all of these events are connected.



Evan Klein



Jeffrey Kafer



Todd Menesses