This Happened to Jessica | Podium Audio

Secrets of Redemption

This Happened to Jessica

Book 2

Performed by: January LaVoy

Released: June 23, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 26 min

The 2018 PRG Reviewers’ Choice Book Series winner
How many more are going to die because you refuse to remember?
Becca would like nothing better than to put the past behind her and focus on making Redemption her home. But what do you do when the past refuses to stay buried?
Becca still can’t remember the night 16-year-old Jessica disappeared from a party, never to be seen again. Which is bad enough (especially since she was supposedly the last person to see Jessica alive), but it’s not the worst….
Strange events are making Becca think there’s a link between what happened to Jessica 15 years ago and the darkness happening now.
With help from her friends and her teenage crush, Daniel, Becca races against time to uncover the truth about Jessica before another 16-year-old girl is doomed to the same fate as Jessica….
Includes a special note from the author.



January LaVoy